If you’re net savvy, you would have surely listed by now a thousand and one mistakes people are making when designing their websites. You would probably ask yourself, “Why are there countless of bad web design techniques used by the so-called experts? Hasn’t anyone ever reviewed these sites before they went live?”

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The irony of it all – the World Wide Web also offers an ocean of good Perth web designs information and tools anyone could make use of even before building a website. Needless to say, those errors and flaws users frequently see everyday are certainly driving them crazy. Below are some of the biggest fiascos in website designing, such as:

  1. Misspelled Words

No matter how simple your line is, of utmost importance is the correct spelling of all textual content on every page of your site. As you know, modern devices of today – smartphones, laptops and desktop – come with built-in spell checkers. It’s so easy to use yet, why can’t people take time to review their content? Users would be quick to judge about the kind of person you are by your poor spelling on the Web!

  1. Slow Loading Time

For any E-commerce site, loading at a snail’s pace can be very disastrous and dangerous as well, for the business owner. Prospective customers wanting to navigate your site in search of products to buy will get pissed off easily. Chances are, they will leave as quickly as they entered your portal, and instead buy from a faster site. Professionals in website design says a sluggish site may be caused by any or a combination of these factors:

  • Excessive Graphics;
  • Graphics that are un-optimised;
  • Cheap web hosting;or
  • Poor coding.

Also, when talking about  loading time problems, visitors with slow dial-up connections are mostly affected. If you were the one, would you be happy to see the flash effects first or the cartoons and fireworks display before you get to see the goods on the site? Most likely, you’ll hit the back button if yours is a  dial-up connection. Thus, remember to slow down on your flash intro screen!

  1. Too Many Moving Stuff

Another thing that disgust users are those unnecessary things that are quite an eyesore – swirling grahics, flashing banner ads, words scrolling, plus a string of fireworks that seems trailing your mouse pointer! Why can’t you just use things in moderation? According to the experts in web design, one moving or flashing object per page is good to go.

Perth Web Designs

Image from: iclipart.com

And speaking of banner ads, don’t be abusive, making your site look more like the classified ad section on the back page of a bargain-priced tabloid. Ads that seem out-of-place in your site are likewise a thing to take note of. The average user might be confused if your site is about menopause treatments and yet the ads appearing are  golf products for sale! Wise choice of ads and their proper placement is needed.

If you’ve committed those above mistakes, fret not. Let our professional team help you make your website become user-friendly with good techniques in  graphic design Perth.