With all the noise and clutter offline (and online), more people are going simple, and are craving for anything minimalist, including websites.  Why the fuss over minimalist web design? Well, minimalist websites have lightweight, simple, refreshingly clutter-free and responsive designs (which are great for those who hate too much ads and crap). But if you think it’s easy to create minimalist websites, you’re wrong, because it actually requires more thought and effort. Here’s a listing of a few of the best practices in creating amazing minimalist websites.

Create an Austere Landing Page

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The first step towards creating amazing minimalist websites, according to seasoned Perth web page design ideas experts, is to draft simple, austere landing pages. While the dearth of elements can be harmful for some content-rich websites, perhaps a good strategy would be to create a minimalist landing page, which leads to a more ornate site.

Omit Needless Words

When writing your website’s content, it would help if you omit needless words. And in conformity with user browsing habits, place high-level content (with adequate negative space) at the top of the screen, and increase content density as the scroll deepens.

In terms of “negative” space, white or black and very dark backgrounds are the most popular options. However, some web designers express negative space through using full colour backgrounds.

Keep Things Interesting

One of the biggest threats to minimalist web design is boredom. To prevent your web visitors from dozing off while visiting your site, change up your layouts to continually engage users. One great suggestion would be to alternate layouts along a Z-shape reading pattern.

One Concept per Page

To successfully comply with the principles of simplicity, each page or screen should just focus on one concept, and is centred on a single visual.

Create Five, Or Fewer, Sections

For a website to be truly minimalist, the site’s content should be prioritised in no more than five sections. But if you can’t squeeze all in five or less sections, just try to reduce or trim the content load.

Start Things Simply

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The road to creating an amazing minimalist website should begin with a black and white wireframe, and then add colour later and other flourishing. This helps keep the web designer grounded in what’s needed, and what’s not.

While minimalism should work well with straight-forward businesses such as ad agencies and creative companies, minimalism can become quite tricky in more complex industries or businesses. And since minimalism often has a particular set of rules or criteria for it to work, web designers should carefully think before applying it.

But with the increasing prevalence of smart phones and mobile devices, minimalism offers a wonderful way for reducing a website’s maintenance and clutter, without compromising its quality. Just make sure you abide by the following creative web design principles and best practices mentioned above.