Social media has taken the internet by storm. With the constant need for people to connect with their peers, this opens online marketers to opportunities of reaching a wide range of audience that would avail their products. Which is why it is important to integrate social media into your site. But why?

Social media increases the possibility of additional mentions and shares, which in return gives traffic to your site. Perth Website Designer recognizes that web design plays a crucial role when it comes to social media button placements.

With this, here’s a quick guide to help you decide on where to put those buttons in order to use it to your advantage.


The fact that social media icons are present isn’t enough. It should be placed correctly, where it’ll attract your reader’s attention. But there are a lot of options to choose from.

There’s a truth to that. Not every website can adopt the same format in placing social media icons on their page. You often see other sites that use social media plugins that are placed in-line of the post where readers can share a certain quote from the article by just clicking the button. While others don’t even see the use of putting any social buttons at all.

But at which area do social buttons perform best? This remains to be a mystery. However, several experts provide their take on this issue that’ll most likely help you decide on where to place them.

Prominence over Placement – According to AddThis, picking the prominent position in your page where your readers can easily spot your social buttons will increase the chance of your content to be shared or get bookmarked. It’s completely fine to place it at the top or bottom, but it would be convenient for your readers if it’s placed at the top.

Having a wrong placement would give your readers a different signal, like it might think that it’s an ad or other navigation, resulting to low usage for the buttons.

The F-shaped Pattern – According to a study conducted in 2006 by Jacob Nielsen, users often read on web pages in an F-shaped pattern or two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. With this result, we can say that the top left portion of your site is the prominent area and most viewed part of your page. This makes as the perfect area to place social buttons.

Take it easy – Take note of this, you can’t overdo the use of social buttons in your site. In a blog by Doug Antkowiak, he pointed out that too many social buttons will cause a major side effect in your site’s speed.

This is definitely a huge concern considering that site’s speed is essential for user experience and your SEO. Thus, limit the number of social buttons that you’re going to display.

These are just few of the things you need to know about proper placement of social media buttons on your site. To help you with your site design, make sure to hire the best people that offer the best web design services.