Google, Nike, Apple, IBM. These are just some of the best names out there in the corporate world. However, you may be unable to read those words without visualizing the colorful word-mark to the classic swoosh. Even that unforgettable apple or the eight blue stripes – each of these is clean, intense, and timeless.

We at Perth Website Designers consider the business logo to be an intrinsic part of any enterprise – including your business, whatever it may be. Why does it matter? A well-crafted logo does wonders for a company’s image, while a bad design can cause a lot of damage.

At the heart of it, you need a compelling logo to capture your audience’s attention, and for it to stay in the minds of one-time customers. If it does that, you have potential lifetime followers.

Perth Website Designers – 4 Essential Elements to an Effective Logo Design

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Here are some of the elements involved in highly effective logos:


Generating a logo that suits a business brand takes a great amount of focus before the first line is drawn. There are a lot of elements that a graphic designer brings into the design to help them capture the essence of the brand. They produce a logo that blends all of these elements altogether into a single image that can last a long time.

An effective logo has to pass on the brand and marketing message the enterprise wants the public to know.


One-of-a-kind and well-crafted logos are unforgettable, but there’s a line between simple and too simple. Logos that fall into the latter category won’t have enough detail for clients to easily associate it with a brand. At the same time, if the logo is too busy, it gets confusing instead of eye-catching.

A well-trained graphic designer can help by producing a memorable logo that is a balance of both detailed and simple. This ensures that when a customer sees it, they can easily remember the company that provides specific products or services.


A good logo is attractive and creates uproar to heighten the positive image of the enterprise in question. On the other hand, an ugly logo has a tendency to turn people off, or attracts the wrong kind of attention.


Graphics have to be versatile enough that they can be used in a wide variety of mediums. A good logo has to work well on the internet, in print ads and even in videos.

Size also matters. If the logo you use on a web page has too many details, for example, it may not work for your business cards. When reducing the size of the logo for such, it may only look like a blob as an end result.

Colors also play a tricky role, too. If the RGB color looks rich and vibrant, chances are, when printed, the colors will look pale in comparison. A full-color logo, too, may not translate very well to black or gray-scale.

A great graphics designer knows how to work within all these parameters, and practices careful crafting of the logo each time.

Take a good look at your business’s logo; does it possess the four elements presented above? If not, let someone from Perth Website Designers do the graphic design Perth for you. We can provide you with a better logo for your business!