While parks, coffee shops and malls were the preferred areas of social interaction in the past, today, all the buzz and chitchats are found on the Internet. This happens especially on “social media” sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. This explains why many businesses are rushing in to these online venues, to promote their products and services.

But to effectively promote your business on today’s popular social media sites, what’s the best strategy? For starters, a web business must learn the basics of social media marketing. Social media marketing refers to the process of securing website traffic or attention through social media sites.

Social media marketing strategy must be crafted to capture a person’s interest and imagination, as people today often have a limited attention span. In an age where information and data can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere, people have more content options to choose from.

To make social media marketing strategy work, web businesses should create not just enticing content, but appealing visuals and images too. If the strategy is just cornered on long, winded posts with nothing but text, they’ll certainly turn off a lot of people. But by incorporating high quality images, the social media post can easily grab attention, and encourage visitors to stick around.
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