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You’re planning to open an online store. Okay, so, you’ve got a name for it yet? Certainly, you wouldn’t want it to appear like a poor second-rate copycat, right? You only want the best name for your website. But wait, do you know where to get it and how?

Perth web designers are here to help you find it. These well-trained professionals agree that the right domain name can change your life. It’s a fact that the world’s great businesses with popular names today credit their success to a great brand identity.



A carefully chosen name can make or break your website, no matter what type of site it is. Since it describes the industry you’re in, you’ll be considered a leader in that sector since you’re the owner. Once you’re known by a particular brandable name, customers will associate that name with your site and its content.

Certainly, there are many professional online resources today that can help you go through the process. You have the option to build your brand but, why the hassle when you can just buy one? It will surely be professional sounding and that makes it easier for website designers Perth to help market your brand.


1. Essentially, you have to bear in mind that a short, attention-getting and unforgettable name will do the trick as well as one that’s easy to pronounce and spell. As it is, customers will remember you by your domain name. They will have a quick recall more so if they can say and spell your name fast.

2. Avoid choosing a name that’s too similar to your competitors. Doing that may lead you to violate somebody else’s trademark.

3. If left with no choice but to create your own because the one-word domains have already been taken, use creativity. Here are brilliant examples of popular trademarks which were done creatively:

Flickr – tweaking a word

Microsoft – blending parts of two words together, “microcomputer” and “software”

YouTube – compounding two whole words

Shopify – affixing a word with a prefix or a suffix

4. Use real words and phrases to increase your search rankings. Or choose a brandable name when targeting paid search listing, banner ads and buzz building.

The most popular top-level domain ‘.com’ can be hard to find nowadays. If you want to sell in a specific country like the Philippines, consider a country specific domain such as ‘co.ph’.


Once you’ve decided the domain name that you want, our team can help you obtain it. We’ve helped countless businesses find the perfect names for their online identity through our extensive network of partners and names.

Leave the price negotiation to us and rest assured both parties will securely complete the transaction. You’ll be surprised that this will not cost you a dime.
With a premium generic domain name, you’ll surely be ranked higher in search engines, engage your target audience, and be able to command leadership in your market. You may not believe it but, you get better visibility, good reputation and natural traffic with a company specialising in web design Perth, like us.